City of Atlanta Tree Recompense and Removal Fine

Residential backyard trees Atlanta Ga
Residential property owners in Atlanta looking to improve their landscape or remove distressed trees should know that the City of Atlanta goes to great lengths to protect its trees. Whether on public or private property, never assume that it is okay to just go out and cut down a tree.

The fines for unlawfully cutting down a tree or trees is steep. We outlined in detail the process, city arborist, and related info on obtaining a tree removal permit, see it here It is relatively easy, but should be done (if necessary) before beginning any cutting or tree removal activities.

Below is the recompense, consequences and fines for not following the tree protection ordinance.

City of Atlanta Tree Ordinance and Recompense

The City of Atlanta has established a tree ordinance which sets forth guidelines for the protection and/or removal of trees. Below is an excerpt from the ordinance:

Tree removal recompense and fines Atlanta Ga
“Where the tree conservation commission is able to determine the exact number of trees upon which a tree protection ordinance violation occurred, a fine imposed for the first violation shall be no less than $500.00, and the fine imposed for each subsequent violation shall be $1,000.00. Each tree upon which a violation occurred shall be deemed a separate violation of the tree protection ordinance.”

Furthermore, no person shall directly or indirectly remove, injure, or destroy:

  • Any tree located on public property.
  • Any tree having a diameter at breast height (DBH) of six inches or more which is located on private property without the acquisition of a removal permit.

If it is found that a removed tree did not present imminent hazard or danger, the city arborist shall assign a recompense* and may impose a separate fine. It is the policy of the city that there shall be no net loss of trees within the boundaries of the city.

*A recompense defined for this purpose is: A monetary compensation for the loss of or damage to trees. The amount of a recompense is generally determined by the quantity and size of affected trees, but remains at the discretion of the city arborist.

Contact a Local Tree Service for Assistance

While there are some exemptions to the removal permit requirement, they are very few and they are very specific. Before taking matters into your own hands, contact a local arborist or tree service to help in the assessment of your tree’s needs and whether or not a permit will be required.

Residential trees in front yard Atlanta Ga
The professionals at Fast Tree are fully abreast of current ordinances and laws regulating the maintenance, care, and removal of trees in the City of Atlanta.

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